Workshop Programme

Face2face and Online Workshops available throughout 2022

Iconic Offices, Pembroke St

Introduction – welcome, introductions and how to tailor the experience to your needs

Quick introductions to all participants and then sharing out what specifically each person wants to get out of the workshop

Part 1 – The place of Employment Permits in the Immigration space in Ireland, an overview of the Irish Immigration system, including:

  • The Employment Permit System – Permit types, Advertisements, Application Process, Fees, Common Reasons for Refusal
  • The Atypical Working Scheme – How/When to use it, Application Process, Reasons for Refusal
  • Immigration and the Visa System – Visa types, requirements, common reasons for Refusal
  • Registration system – Entry into the State, Registration Process, Registration Stamps
  • Where to find further information

Break for Coffee and Questions

Part 2 – Employment Permits – the Practical sessions

  • A guided practical tutorial on the Employment Permit Online System (EPOS)
  • Bring your own laptop and run through a real application – work through a specially created example of an employment permit application or bring your own dossier to work through
  • Learn in a hands-on manner, asking questions as you need to.

Part 3: pulling it all together – Questions, useful links and follow-on discussion

Handy tips and Feedback