Effecting change in the Employment Permit system in Ireland

The Employment permit system in Ireland is governed by three lists, two are quantified within the system, the third list is implied.  The Critical Skills Occupation List details the occupations that are sought- after in the Irish jobs market and are eligible for a preferential employment permit.  The Ineligible List of Occupations details those occupations [...]

A little light on the role of Occupation Lists and the Employment Permit system

Last week the Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation published an update on the expiry of the quotas relating to Horticulture Workers, Dairy Farm Assistants, Meat Processing Operatives and Deboners (2 July 2020, link here:- https://dbei.gov.ie/en/What-We-Do/Workplace-and-Skills/Employment-Permits/Latest-updates/). These occupations were added to the list of eligible occupations from mid-2016 onwards and were made subject to a quota [...]

6 tips to improve Employment Permit processing

Include the processing time in your recruitment planning At time of writing (End May 2020) the processing times for employment permits are 3 weeks for Trusted Partner applications and 10 weeks for Standard applications.  When planning your recruitment campaign, you should remember that if the right candidate for you requires an employment permit, it will [...]

Online workshops

Since the introduction of rules on working from home and social distancing to combat the spread of Covid19, we have moved our employment permit workshops online. Take advantage of the time away from the office (but not necessarily the workload) to upskill in areas that matter. We are now providing workshops by teleconference to cater [...]

February Workshop – Medical and Engineering posts

The Easy Employment Permit Workshop for February will take place in The Lennox Building, on South Richmond Street, Dublin 2 at 9.30 on Thursday 13 February, 2020. We will be concentrating on applications from the Medical and Engineering fields, but will touch on applications for other roles too. Feel free to get in touch using [...]

Upcoming workshops

We're taking January off from the familiar workshop schedule, and will be providing some one-to-one training to clients in a number of locations. The regular monthly workshops will return in February in a revised format taking into account all of the changes that have taken effect in 2019 and 2020 to date and will also [...]

Employment Permits in the news

Happy new year to all and welcome back to easyemploymentpermits.com. I thought I'd flag three stories to you this week: the first, you're probably already aware of - the changes taking place in the employment permit system which take effect from the start of January 2020, the second regarding Irish unemployment being at a new [...]

Year end for employment permits

With the publication today of the current processing times on the Departments website, unless you have already applied for a permit, we are now at year-end for employment permits.(https://dbei.gov.ie/en/What-We-Do/Workplace-and-Skills/Employment-Permits/Latest-updates/) Even if you are a signed up for the Trusted Partner scheme (TPs), your next permits will now issue in the New Year. Standard Employment Permits [...]