September Employment Permit Workshop

It's been a busy summer in the employment permit and immigration space with changes to both systems to make it easier to access employment permits, visas and residency permission. However, as of last week, the employment permit system is still taking 12 weeks to process Standard applications, and 3 weeks to process Trusted Partner applications. [...]

Ruling on residency requirements for citizenship

The ruling by Mr Justice Barrett on the residency requirements for citizenship will have an effect on employment permit holders. This includes holders of Critical Skills permits who have applied for Stamp 4 Permission to remain and holders of successive General Employment Permits. If you are amongst this group of permit holders or are thinking [...]

Mid-year review of employment permit lists

The mid-year review of the employment permit lists is the chance for your company or business sector to influence what occupations are eligible for employment permits. Once or twice a year, the Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation invites submissions from interested parties as what occupations should be taken off the ineligible list or should [...]

Employment up by 21% in the last 6 years

I see from the Central Statics Office website that employment in Ireland has risen by almost 410,000 in the last six years. More and more of them are employed on a full-time basis rather than part-time because they couldn't get a full-time position (i.e. because they want to be). This 21% rise in employment is [...]

Mid year review of Employment Permit Lists

Employment permits are available for various occupations that are in short supply. There are two lists that define what is eligible and what is not eligible for an employment permit. The first list governs occupations that are eligible for the critical skills permit (Critical Skills Occupations list), the second list governs those occupations that will [...]

Partner/Spouse Irish Employment Permits

Since the 6th of March 2019, spouses and partners of Critical Skills Employment Permit holders and Researchers under a Hosting Agreement have been able to access the Irish labour market without the need to obtain an employment permit. This important change means that there is now a pool of talent in the Irish labour market [...]