Mid-year review of employment permit lists

The mid-year review of the employment permit lists is the chance for your company or business sector to influence what occupations are eligible for employment permits. Once or twice a year, the Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation invites submissions from interested parties as what occupations should be taken off the ineligible list or should be added to the highly skilled list (and therefore eligible for a critical skills permit).

There is some work associated with making a submission to he Department, as any proposal should ideally be accompanied by supporting evidence of the need or shortage in the occupation. This includes information about the sector and its importance to the economy, the occupation itself, the reasons underpinning the adjustment needed, and any initiatives being undertaken within the industry to address the shortage of suitable candidates to fill roles.

As of the date of writing this, there are only 10 days remaining to get in your submissions to the Department, the closing date is on the 12 July 2019. A quick link to the Department’s website is below, where you’ll find further information together with the application form for submissions to this process. Best of luck with your applications.