Ruling on residency requirements for citizenship

The ruling by Mr Justice Barrett on the residency requirements for citizenship will have an effect on employment permit holders. This includes holders of Critical Skills permits who have applied for Stamp 4 Permission to remain and holders of successive General Employment Permits.

If you are amongst this group of permit holders or are thinking of making a permit application, my advice would be not to worry about the issue at present. As recently as today, the Minister for Justice has released a statement saying that his officials are looking at the situation – see for the Ministers comments.

By all means keep an eye on the situation, but given the seriousness of this issue for so many people and businesses, I expect that the Department of Justice will rectify this anomaly over the coming weeks as a urgent matter.

When there is some further clarity I’ll post details together with links to the relevant press releases here. In the meantime, keep calm and carry on.