Year end for employment permits

With the publication today of the current processing times on the Departments website, unless you have already applied for a permit, we are now at year-end for employment permits.(

Even if you are a signed up for the Trusted Partner scheme (TPs), your next permits will now issue in the New Year. Standard Employment Permits (non TPs) applied for from here on out will only issue in mid-February at the earliest – realistically you’re planning onboarding new applicants from March onwards at this stage.

The latest changes to the Employment Permits system will already impact on you. Make sure you’re aware of the best way to apply for an employment permit – the half day workshop is the most effective method around of getting up to speed with the current and future permit system. The next workshop will take place in Dublin on 13 December (sign up here:

At this stage the planning for workshops for January, February and March is taking place, where do you think they should be held? Cork, Limerick, Galway or Dublin again? Drop me a line at the above link to let me know where suits your company and to reserve your place.

With a three-month lead-in time for onboarding staff that require an employment permit, now is the time to train up your staff in the best way to apply for a permit.