Employment Permits in the news

Happy new year to all and welcome back to easyemploymentpermits.com. I thought I’d flag three stories to you this week: the first, you’re probably already aware of – the changes taking place in the employment permit system which take effect from the start of January 2020, the second regarding Irish unemployment being at a new 13-year low, and the third concerns the increasing backlog in the employment permit system. Each of these are important issues for your business, and you should familiarise yourself with how they will affect your business. The links to each are at the bottom of this article.

From an employment permit perspective, when taken together, at this means that its becoming more and more important to get it right first time when it comes to planning your recruitment campaign, and when you find the right candidate, getting the permit process right first time. The advertising element of your recruitment process has to change, together with the minimum remuneration elements your job offer (a recent change too!). When planning to onboard your successful candidate, you now need to allow more time for the employment permit process before you apply for the visa, together with any exit visa that your candidate might require from their home country.

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